Vestina candles

A great deal of thought, effort and time goes into determining the technical and design elements of Vestina candles. Explore our products below.

»The burning of a Vestina candle helps us bring back warm memories of time spent with relatives, who have sadly already passed away.«

Fani Gartnar, retiree

»I love spending my free time with my family and grandchildren. The burning of a Vestina candle helps us bring back warm memories of time spent with relatives, who have sadly already passed away. We like to visit the graves of our loved ones to show them love and respect, and at the same time keep up this beautiful and noble tradition. Vestina makes graves look neat and Vestina's flame guides us to them even in uglier weather. Sometimes my health prevents me from going to the cemetery. However, because Vestina candles burn longer than ordinary ones, I don't have to worry about them burning all the way up to my next visit. This way my memory and thoughts are always with my loved ones.«

Three decades of constant innovation for you

From a simple idea to a high-quality product – we have been developing Vestina candles for 30 years. We are slowly making our environment better and our future brighter. We only use eco-friendly materials, such as glass and PET plastic, which are easily recyclable. Our candles are completely dismantable and environmentally friendly. We are also proud of the way Vestina candles look – for this we have teamed up with acclaimed Slovenian designers. The different models of Vestina candles are constantly upgraded with new and even more innovative ones, such as Vestina Solar, which works on solar energy and burns up to 1000 days.

We create environmentally friendly candles of the future,
with great Slovenian quality.


Meet the new Vestina DELUXE candle

We’ve recently expanded our line of ecological electronic and solar candles Vestina with a brand new model – we present to you the new and innovative Vestina DELUXE candle with glass housing and beautiful motifs in different colours. The candle is very elegant and also eco-friendly. Its housing is made of glass, which makes it ... Read more

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Vestina appreciates great Slovenian architecture

Today, January 23rd 2017, marks the 145th anniversary of birth of the biggest and most influential Slovenian architect – Jože Plečnik. Plečnik was, and still is to this day, known around the world. In Slovenia he is most known for his work in our capital city Ljubljana. Some of his most important and iconic masterpieces ... Read more

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Decorate with Vestina – All Saints’ Day

All Saints' Day is a public holiday in Slovenia, celebrated on the first of November. On this day we commemorate all those who passed away and marked our lives in different ways. All Saints' holiday originates from Christianity and was initially a day to commemorate all the praised souls that we omit during our annual worship.

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