Decorate with Vestina – All Saints’ Day


All Saints’ Day is a public holiday in Slovenia, celebrated on the first of November. On this day we commemorate all those who passed away and marked our lives in different ways. All Saints’ holiday originates from Christianity and was initially a day to commemorate all the praised souls that we omit during our annual worship. Overall, this is a great day of faith, hope and love. On November 1st we traditionally go to church and visit the cemetery. This is one of the biggest and most popular holidays in Slovenia, and often the whole family is reunited and present. We have therefore prepared a few tips that can make your home or your loved ones’ grave even more festive.

Instead of bouquets that can quickly wither, rather choose an Ikebana (centerpiece flower arrangement). Such arrangements are very persistent and durable, which means that they will keep the memory of your loved ones alive up to several days or even weeks. How can you make them? Easy. First of all, soak a cube-shaped floral foam in a container with water for a few minutes. This floral foam can be purchased in a flower shop or any shop with garden equipment. The longer you soak this sponge, the more water it will retain for the growth of your plants. If you are having trouble with the foam constantly rising to the surface, weight it down.

While you are waiting for the foam to soak up water, attempt to cut some flowers and other plants. For the base, it is recommended to use greenery or twigs of various trees or shrubs. You can use spruce, cypress, pine, or anything else with beautiful rich branches. Actually, everything that you will insert into your arrangement, can be gathered from a pleasant walk through the woods or a park. Cut and trim the twigs if they are too thick and insert them in layers all around your foam. This will be your base and at the same time the widest part of your Ikebana. Then, randomly insert a few small twigs throughout the foam and try to cover the widest possible area, so that that foam is almost no longer visible.

Then come the flowers. With this step, the possibilities are endless. If you want to make your arrangement look more sophisticated, you can use bought flowers from a flower shop. Before that, you must of course, determine the theme and color of your Ikebana. You can, for example, choose a favorite color of the deceased person or the color that resembles her or him. Usually it is recommended to use up to three different kinds of flowers. Select the main flower for your arrangement (usually the largest and with most vivid colors). You can choose up to five such flowers and spread them across the surface of the foam, or put them all together in the middle of the arrangement. Then use the remaining flowers (usually smaller and with different colors) and place them alternately, wherever there is still some space or where the foam may still be visible.